Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Clips From Filming

As you can see, the camera is positioned in the wrong place and Lily comes too near to the camera when speaking. Therefore, we have decided to re-take this shot for our trailer.

Clips From Filming

As a group, we have decided this is one of the many shots we are going to use in our trailer. We have chosen an over the shoulder shot so that the audience can see the doll and Lily's reaction when she turns around.

Video Diary

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Reflection Of My Blog

I have been given feedback on my blog by one of my fellow peers in my Media class. This is what they have written on what I have done well and what I need to improve on. To improve I am going to post weekly with more detail to make sure I am up to date with the number of blog entries. At the moment, I have posted 13 times (this being my 14th). I hope to reach the target of 60 blog entries by the end of the year by updating my blog more often.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012


We have chosen a little girls bedroom to film most of our shots in. The room is pink, meaning it is stereotypically a girl's room. The colour pink also suggests the girl is innocent and naive.


We have decided to use a china doll which possesses our main character. We have chosen this as it fits with the stereotypical scary/creepy look that a china doll gives. Our main character picks this up from a charity shop then it begins to possess her.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Social Networking

I have used social networking sites such as Twitter to gain publicity and to encourage people to look at my work.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Week 1:

·         Look at locations and finalise where we are going to film

·         Purchase costumes and props what we will need for filming

·         Work out how many hours we are going to spend

·         Make sure planning is completed (trailer analysis, research)

Week 2:

·         Finalise shot types

·         Begin filming

Week 3:

·         Continue filming

·         Start to think about how we can put the shots together in post-production

Week 4:

·         Continue filming

·         Make sure we are on track with filming (roughly around half way through)

Week 5:

·         Continue filming

·         Start finishing off, making sure all shots are of good quality

·         Begin thinking about editing

Week 6:

·         Final hours of filming

·         Make sure everything is completed for the deadline (filming, research and planning)

·         Start preparing for post-production



Thursday, 18 October 2012

Horror Trailer Main Actress

We have chosen a stereotypical, blonde girl to play the main role in our horror trailer. We have purposely chosen a girl who appears vulnerable and innocent as these are typical horror film victims who are possessed. Our trailer will be based around the likes of The Possession and The Exorcist which also feature vulnerable young girls who become possessed.

The Possession (2012) is based around the young girl (above) who becomes possessed after buying an antique box from a yard sale. In the film, she wears a white night dress which is the typical costume for a young girl in a horror film. We are hoping to follow the same conventions of costume for our trailer.
The Exorcist (1973) is based around the young girl (above) who becomes possessed by demons. In the film, she plays the stereotypical young girl who is the victim of the possessed. We are hoping to follow the same conventions of costume and actress for our trailer.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Which brief are you pursuing?
We have chosen to create a horror trailer.

Identify if this is an individual or group project.
This is a group project. I am working with Jessica Kerr and Rachel Jordison.

List roles and responsibilities if you are working in a group?
Jessica will be editing the trailer in post production. Rachel's role is to choose locations and props, everything involving mise-en-scene. She is also starring in the trailer. My role is to film the trailer, choose camera angles and take charge of the filming equipment.

Write a brief summary of your CONCEPT for the main task.
We have decided to create a trailer based around The Possession and The Exorcist. Our plot will consist of a young girl picking up a doll at a yard sale, which then possesses her. The doll becomes very important to the girl and her mother does not know why until she sees her daughter possessed.

List any ideas for LOCATIONS. (Mise en scene)
  • Inside of a house
  • Dark alley ways
  • Forest area
  • Abandoned field
List any ideas for COSTUME and PROPS (Mise en scene)
  • A white night gown (to show her innonence)
  • A doll
  • A 'worn' night gown once she has been possessed
Outline your ideas for each ancilliary task:
For my horror poster, I plan on using the small girl as the main image for my poster. She will be wearing a white night dress to denote her innonence and purity. However, I am going to photoshop her face, particulary her eyes so that they look 'possessed'.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Trailer Analysis - Paranormal Activity 4

The first 24 seconds of the trailer flashbacks to the previous Paranormal Activity films. The film is shot through a hand-held camera to suggest the happenings are real or to give a sense of reality. The trailer begins with the children and parents living a happy, carefree lifestyle until we see the 'paranormal' taking over in short sharp cuts. The scene then cuts to a young girl operating a hand-held camera, which is the typical conventions of a Paranormal Activity film. The girl also fits the conventions of a woman in a horror movie. She has blonde hair suggesting she is 'dumb' and is young which connotes her naivety. The scene then cuts to the kitchen, which is in darkness, again a typical convention of a horror film. The light then switches on, suggesting there is unknown activity in the house. After this, it cuts to the next day, where the girl says she has been feeling 'weird', suggesting that the mood of the film is going to change. When the scene cuts to the young girl on the phone to what appears to be her boyfriend, it gives the sense of reality as she is filming everything that is about to happen on her handheld phone. She then films the boy next door from a high angle, suggesting he is powerless however this is soon to change. As we hear her non diegetic voice 'he's so creepy' the boy looks up to the camera and the lights go off denoting the power he has. The call between the girl and her boyfriend then begins to buffer and cut off, again suggesting the young boy has power of this. There is also underlying drum sounds building to a crescendo implying something is about to happen in the trailer. We can also hear the non diegetic sound of an alarm which also builds to a crescendo 'front door open, back door open' building up as the girls fear also grows. We then see an over the shoulder shot of a figure behind her and the door slams shut, suggesting something is about to attack the girl and the girl is trapped. The last scene ends with a girl walking out of the door with a young child, which is caught on CCTV, suggesting that she has been possessed or that the 'Paranormal Activity' has taken over.

Trailer Analysis - The Last Exorcism

The trailer begins with the non diegetic voice of the man driving the car: 'Exorcism is alive and well. Today its bigger than its ever been', establishing what the film is about. The shot ends looking at an abandoned house connoting that there is no one around or near to help. A medium shot then appears of a young girl looking distressed suggesting that she is going to be the girl who is possessed. After this, text emerges: 'This will be his last.' connoting that the man performing the exorcism does not survive. The shot cuts to the man talking about his daughter, then cuts to his daughter standing in darkness in what appears to be a night gown, suggesting that she is young and naive. The scene then cuts to a medium shot of the girl on the ground, which then cuts to a close up shot to show the fear on the girls face. There is a close up of 2 hands locked together when there is a non diegetic voice in the background 'good, there's nothing to be nervous about', however it is the total opposite as the girl then jolts to one side during her exorcism. The camera zooms out at this point to show the girls full body and effect the exorcism is having on her. A close up shot of the daughters face appears to show the audience the effect of being 'possessed'. Her ragged hair and bloodshot eyes suggest what ever has possessed her has took over her body and mind as at the start of the trailer we see the 'normal' girl. Shots then fade in as writing appears on the screen. Non diegetic loud drum sounds can be heard picking up pace as the shots become faster suggesting that the trailer is going to come to a halt. The audience see a medium shot of the girls face reflected in a broken mirror, connoting that she is also metaphorically 'broken' as she has become a different person in body and mind. Sharp cuts move between shots of the girl as she is 'possessed', climbing up on to ceilings again suggesting she is abnormal. Loud non diegetic screams can be heard suggesting pain, not only in the girls life but also her families. After the short sharp cuts, the trailer appears to be 'cut off' like a television, suggesting that the trailer is about to come to an abrupt end. The scene blacks out then the girl appears, bent back as we hear the non diegetic 'that isn't human' suggesting that someone/something has possessed the girl as she screams in pain.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Trailer Analysis - The Possession

The trailer begins with soft piano sounds which could denote a calm atmosphere, as well as the apparent day to day life the family is showing. The scene then cuts to the father and daughter laughing which could also imply a happy, carefree life. When the family are seen to be at a car boot sale the daughter dresses up in a white hat and gloves, the use of white accessories could denote her purity and innocence, When she identifies the box the clip does several short fades becoming closer to her face showing her happiness after discovering the box. She also calls her father 'daddy' which relates to young children, again showing her childlessness. Whilst the scene cuts to a dark scene of the daughter in her bedroom, we can hear the non diegetic voice-over of her father 'whoever made this didn't want anybody to open it' which suggests the box holds something suspicious or unknown. 'Based on a true story' soon appears on the screen which could entice the audience to watch it, making them believe the story is true.

Short, sharp cuts begin, which show the parents worry and distress about their daughters different moods; as this is happening we hear the non diegetic sound of a fork tapping a plate as if it were a ticking clock, which may suggest something is going to happen in time. The fork sound then becomes diegetic and the clips become much faster, building pace and alternating between her plate of food and her fathers face. This builds up to the the climax of her fathers hand hitting the table and Emily attacking her father somewhat out of the blue. Many short clips are put together to show the fast pace of the attack happening. When the next scene cuts, it is of a typical dark night which is present in most horror film trailers making the scene seem dark and dull. As the man's non diegetic sound of 'demon' is said, Emily pushes glass onto the floor in front of her Mother which shocks the audience, with the sound also coming to an abrupt end. It cuts back to a close up shot of Emily's face looking scared and upset  which is juxtaposed with the voice of the Jew 'the spirit is the taker of children' at the same time, suggesting she is not the pure, innocence child she once was. We then see a long shot of Emily in the middle of a dark road wearing a typical white nightie denoting her purity and innocence which again is the opposite with her new found self. As scenes then cut and words come up on to the screen we hear non diegetic type ghost voices which could denote the voices in Emily's head which have made her become possessed. Tension is built when all sound is stopped and all we can hear is the Fathers voice reading out of a bible, making the audience wait for the next action from Emily.

There are then short sharp cuts of the 'possessed' Emily accompanied by a hymn type sound, suggesting she has been possessed by something god-like. The sound then comes to a crescendo when the clip repetitively flashes and the box becomes the centre of frame showing the storyline is based around this mysterious box.When the scene cuts to Emily in the bathroom we can hear the non diegetic sound of her Mother 'I saw something in her', then the trailer ends confirming her mother's suspicion with a close up shot of two fingers coming up from her throat, denoting that 'something' is actually inside of her.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Short Chase Sequence

For our chase sequence we decided to base our storyline around the comedy genre as we thought it would be the most suited to our entire group. I was in a group with Jessica, Rebecca and Rachel however we all took on different roles. My individual role was as an actress.
Research and Planning
Before we began filming, we watched many other chase sequences to gain ideas and conventions to use in our own chase scene. For example, we used shots of our feet and high and low angle shots as we thought these were common in chase sequences. After this, we decided that the genre of our chase sequence would be comedy, as we could only film the scenes in and around school, giving us a short time to do it. Also, we thought genres such as ‘horror’ and ‘thriller’ may not fit in with the school location and target audience whereas comedy would. As well as this, we researched what music would fit with our chase scene, as it would have to be funny and entertaining. The target audience for our chase sequence would mainly be teenagers; however it reaches a wider audience like young children and adults too as we believe it would be entertaining for them too.
During the filming process, we used a video camera and tripod to keep our scenes steady so that our sequence looked professional. Steady cams are also particularly useful when actors are moving around the frame as the shots will keep their high quality even when moved around. We used many camera shots in our scene. For example, we used high and low angle shots when the bullies were chasing the victim around the school and in the yard to show the most important parts of our chase sequence in different angles rather than a typical medium shot. We used medium shots for the majority of the filming, but also close ups of the bullies and victims eyes and faces to show the expression on their faces for comic effect. There was little dialogue in our piece as we added music and voiceovers in the editing stage. For the choice of location we used a school, as this is a typical place where bullying would take place so this fitted in with our storyline.  My main role in our project was acting. Jess and I played the part of the ‘bullies’ whilst Rebecca played the role of the ‘wimpy kid’. We kept to conventions and dressed Rebecca as the typical ‘nerd’ by wearing pigtails and a buttoned up shirt. I listened to the director’s instructions (where to stand, what facial expressions to use, what to do in a certain scene) and tried to follow them as best as I could.
Post Production (editing)
Jessica took on the main role in editing, however the whole group made decisions together. We used a MAC computer and the software ‘iMovie’ to create our sequence. The main techniques we learnt was how to speed up certain clips, mute background noise and how to add an audio to our sequence properly. At first we picked all the clips we wanted to use, and then put them together so we had our basic storyline outlined. Then we decided to mute the clips that had no dialogue in so that there was no extra background noise in our scene as it sounded more professional without typical school background sound. Lastly, we added the ‘Benny Hill’ theme tune to our scene so that it gave the storyline a ‘comical’ sense. We chose this over ‘Trashman – Bird Is the Word’ as we believed it fitted the storyline better, the Benny Hill theme tune was at the same pace as our chase, whereas Bird Is the Word wasn’t. We did incur problems when adding the audio to our chase scene as we could not download it onto the Mac; however we overcome this by transferring the song by phone onto the Mac. The victim’s voiceover was also added at the beginning of our scene to introduce the narrative. All in all, our short chase sequence only took approximately one day to complete.

Media Extended Project

During my AS Media Studies course we decided to create a short horror trailer to enhance our skills in time for the start of our A2 course. We followed typical conventions of horror trailers. For example, we shot our trailer at night as we found that most trailers we had watched were shot at night. We also used a typical 'vulnerable' female in our scene as we decided this would fit more with our storyline, rather than a man, who is usually seen to be a 'hero'. My main role in this project was to film, I used various shot types (low angle, high angle, close up) when filming so that the scene was exciting and not repetitive. Jessica also edited our scene by muting clips and adding music that fitted the storyline.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

How does your media product represent social groups?

Who would be the audience for your media product?

My target audience would mainly be young women up to the age of 25 from 13, mostly working class as the main feature of my article is a young girl who shows the change in her life even after she has been bullied. This would inspire women to do the same; to reach for their goals like 'Jessica' has, hoping for the same outcome. I have referred to my market research as I found that women typically do not buy music magazines, therefore there is a gap in the market for a music magazine aimed towards females. I also found women enjoy pop music rather than any another genre, this is why I chose to create a pop music magazine.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

In my completed magazine I have followed the conventions and style features of Q magazine mainly, however in order to make the magazine my own rather than a copy, I developed many of my own ideas to create my final piece. In Q magazine, the colour scheme is red, black and white with the masthead being in red; I have also followed this house style as it is simple yet professional. Similarly to Q again, I have used the same features such as interviews and reviews to be included in my magazine so that I have a solid style model that is Q.
Unlike Q however, I have aimed my magazine at a pop type audience, not indie/rock as I believed I needed to make the magazine my own. As well as this, my magazine features all women. I have done this as I think it would attract more women to buying music magazines. For example, Cosmopolitan does this so that women will buy their magazine. This would challenge my style model as Q mainly features men on their front cover, whereas my main article features a female artist which may encourage more women to buy music magazines, as my research shows men buy the majority of music magazines. I have chosen Q as my style model instead of the likes of Kerrang or TOTP, because I wanted my magazine to be simple and set out neatly. Where as, Kerrang! and TOTP are more of an 'organised' mess. Kerrang! targeting men and TOTP targeting young girls. This can be seen through the 'edgy' fonts Kerrang! has and the pink/purple colour scheme in TOTP. In TOTP, the obvious target audience is young girls, we can see this as the magazine normally features make up, boys and shopping, things we associate with young girls. Therefore, I have used Q as my style model.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Music Questionnaire

I devised a music questionnaire for my research to find out what music magazines the public would like to buy which will help me towards making my final magazine product. Here is my questionnaire below:

1. Are you male or female?
Male Female

2. How often do you buy music magazines?
Once a week Once a month Rarely Never

3. What music genre do you prefer?
Pop Rock Metal Dance Indie Country Soul Reggae RnB
If other please state ____________________________

4. Do you download music or buy CDs?
Download Buy Both Neither

5. If you download your music, how do you do so?
Through ITunes Torrent sites
If other please state ____________________________

6. Do you feel it is right to download music illegally through Torrent sites etc. for free?
Yes No

7. How much music do you listen to per day?
Under 1 hour 1-2 hours 2-3 hours 3 hours + Do not listen to music

8. How do you listen to music?
IPod Internet Television Mobile Phone
If other please state ____________________________

9. Do you prefer bands or solo artists?
Bands Solo artists No preference

10. What music magazines do you read?
NME Vibe Kerrang Q Mojo None
If other please state ____________________________

11. If you do not buy magazines, why?
Over-priced Music does not interest me
If other please state ____________________________

12. What do you look for when buying a music magazine?
Free CD/Poster Reviews Artists you enjoy/listen to
If other please state ____________________________

13. How much do you spend on music magazines per month?
£0-£5 £5.01-£10 £10.01+ Don’t buy magazines

14. How much do you spend buying CD’s/downloading music per month?
£0-£5 £5.01-£10 £10.01+ Don’t buy music
If you do not buy CD’s/download, where do you get your music from, please state ____________________________

15. When buying a music magazine do you prefer:
A bigger proportion of text to pictures A bigger proportion of pictures to text The proportion of text to pictures to be equal

16. What would you be prepared to pay for a monthly music magazine?
Under £2 £2-£3 £3.01-£4 £4+

17. What type of articles do you prefer?
Interviews Reviews Features
If other, please state ____________________________

18. Does the content on the cover of a magazine influence your decision to buy?
Yes No

19. What would attract you to buying a music magazine?
Pictures of bands Interviews Reviews Freebies
If other, please state ____________________________

20. Do you prefer male or female solo artists/bands?
Male Female No preference