Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Week 1:

·         Look at locations and finalise where we are going to film

·         Purchase costumes and props what we will need for filming

·         Work out how many hours we are going to spend

·         Make sure planning is completed (trailer analysis, research)

Week 2:

·         Finalise shot types

·         Begin filming

Week 3:

·         Continue filming

·         Start to think about how we can put the shots together in post-production

Week 4:

·         Continue filming

·         Make sure we are on track with filming (roughly around half way through)

Week 5:

·         Continue filming

·         Start finishing off, making sure all shots are of good quality

·         Begin thinking about editing

Week 6:

·         Final hours of filming

·         Make sure everything is completed for the deadline (filming, research and planning)

·         Start preparing for post-production