Thursday, 27 September 2012

Trailer Analysis - The Last Exorcism

The trailer begins with the non diegetic voice of the man driving the car: 'Exorcism is alive and well. Today its bigger than its ever been', establishing what the film is about. The shot ends looking at an abandoned house connoting that there is no one around or near to help. A medium shot then appears of a young girl looking distressed suggesting that she is going to be the girl who is possessed. After this, text emerges: 'This will be his last.' connoting that the man performing the exorcism does not survive. The shot cuts to the man talking about his daughter, then cuts to his daughter standing in darkness in what appears to be a night gown, suggesting that she is young and naive. The scene then cuts to a medium shot of the girl on the ground, which then cuts to a close up shot to show the fear on the girls face. There is a close up of 2 hands locked together when there is a non diegetic voice in the background 'good, there's nothing to be nervous about', however it is the total opposite as the girl then jolts to one side during her exorcism. The camera zooms out at this point to show the girls full body and effect the exorcism is having on her. A close up shot of the daughters face appears to show the audience the effect of being 'possessed'. Her ragged hair and bloodshot eyes suggest what ever has possessed her has took over her body and mind as at the start of the trailer we see the 'normal' girl. Shots then fade in as writing appears on the screen. Non diegetic loud drum sounds can be heard picking up pace as the shots become faster suggesting that the trailer is going to come to a halt. The audience see a medium shot of the girls face reflected in a broken mirror, connoting that she is also metaphorically 'broken' as she has become a different person in body and mind. Sharp cuts move between shots of the girl as she is 'possessed', climbing up on to ceilings again suggesting she is abnormal. Loud non diegetic screams can be heard suggesting pain, not only in the girls life but also her families. After the short sharp cuts, the trailer appears to be 'cut off' like a television, suggesting that the trailer is about to come to an abrupt end. The scene blacks out then the girl appears, bent back as we hear the non diegetic 'that isn't human' suggesting that someone/something has possessed the girl as she screams in pain.

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